Extra special space (ESS)


So today we had our election for our political parties. That’s where the year fours, fives and sixes had to vote for the party that they think is the best. I think our team worked well but not well enough. Cause we didn’t win but I’m not to worried cause it’s just a election for school and I’m proud of what we came out with.

 This is a photo of my group.this is the voting system.

My cearal box is about a famous artist/watercolourist.


My famous australian shows a strong value of hard working a far play.

Here is some photos of what are included in/on my box.



We just finished eureka omg # intense.
Before we started we did a prediction about the book and this is what my prediction was and what the front cover looks like too.

While we read we had a vocabulary page but I had two.


We also had these two pages.


Once we finished the book we wrote down what we wanted to hear or figure out and I was wondering what had happened to Sam’s real parents.

My knowledge on Federation


Before Federation, Australia was divided into 6 separate… I am not sure but I think that it is countries.

Which other country might have been part of Australia? I don’t know

Who was Henry Parkes? A human

Why were the initial attempts to become a Federation rejected? I don’t know that YET!!

What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation? I don’t know

In what year did Australia become a nation? 1901

Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister? Edman Barton

How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants? I’m not sure

What do you know about the Eureka Stockade? It was in Ballarat.

What were some big events that have happened between 1901 and 1960? World War I think

Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960? Hebert Parkes, Alfred Deakin.